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Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 - A New Year, A New Decade

1 Jan 2010... the journey begins into a new year and a new decade. The past decade was full of events, both good and bad, but i'd like to think that there was nothing much for me to complain... all in all, it was a very good decade.

My journey (work-related) to several countries were a real eye-opener... career-wise, pesonally and spiritually. Most of all, i'm still very much blessed to have a country like Malaysia (though with plenty of room for improvement). My posting to Doha, Qatar for almost a year convinced me that it's about time for me to take the great leap into the business world i.e. a business of my own. Thus, since mid-2007, I finally owned a small business of my own, nothing fancy but nonetheless, most-rewarding.

Last decade brought me the most grief with the passing of my father and my father-in-law. Now, both great men were so different and yet so very much alike. Both were outstanding men with sound (old-school) principles and an undivided devotion to the family and God. They were both loved and missed by their families and their communities. I pray to The Most Merciful that they are both blessed and enjoying themselves in Heaven right now.

Plenty of things to look forward in this new year and new decade, together with the challenges and rewards that it will bring. Let's hope that it will be as good as the previous one, and then some.

Thanks & Happy Days