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Sunday, September 20, 2009

To Be A Blogger.. Part I

Is blogging fun? Not for me right now, perhaps later when things are getting more handy.  Is it bad for your health? Absolutely, as i have been deprived of much needed sleep for the last couple of days trying to figure this thing out. Come, let's go through this together on the frustrations and enjoyment (?) of a super-brand-new blogger-wannabe...

Everyone spend a fair bit of time on the internet and so do i, perhaps a little bit more than i should. Daily routine includes checking the mail, facebook, visit a couple of blogs/sites that i regularly frequented... on cars, photography, sports and a bit of this and that. You know, the usual stuff that zillions of people are doing it. I am actually quite amazed (and grateful too) to these people for the tremendous efforts that they put in on such regular basis. And the knowledge that they shared with total strangers (for what returns... i cannot see) actually inspired me to do the same, or at least try to. That;s when real trouble started...when i start thinking!!!

I talked to some friends (strangely enough, strangers are not that cooperative in the real, non-cyber world) on setting up my own blog. Nearly all of them said that it is super-easy... even their kids have their own blogs! So much so, one of them said that you could not cash in on the late-delivery offer of Pizza Hut (get free pizza if not delivered within 30 minutes)... you could set up your own blog for less than 30 minutes!!! Those lying friends... they will have to pay for this!!!

And i hurried home, eager-beaver and wide-eyed, boot up the pc and did a google on setting up a blog (i am still amazed at how these people get their brains to think of something as magical as google...just incredible). From the earlier briefing (LIES!!!) i knew that basically there are 2 popular platforms, Blogger and WordPress to set up a blog. Again, the magical google told me of some sites that could give me some help on that. After a while, i decided that Wordpress would be the choice (popular and favourable among bloggers, it seems). Now here comes the REAL PROBLEM (#1)... after downloading a set-up file from WordPress and trying to go thru the instructions, it got to me that it wasn't as easy as i thought. There were things that you needed to fill up and i was just lost.... precious time wasted.

I went quickly over to one of the many Blogger sites where they offered free templates. My goodness, there were so many designs to choose from..and they were all extremely nice. Which one should i choose? Which one really represents me and the things that i wanted to write? i.e. (problem #2). Finally (i could have gotten my free pizza by this time now!), i decided on one that i liked. It was a flexible 3-to-5 columns template that would really fit my intended purposes.

Since that day until now (i will write about it more later), it took me a full week (7 non-sleeping days) to finally be able to write this post and do away with my first real posting (mark the date). Think of the dozens of pizzas that i could have had...heck, i could have had the whole outlet by now!!! Anyway, now that i have started, i shall be posting my heart out for a very, very long time... that i am sure!

Well now, for wRITE and/or wRONG... let's blog away!!!

Thanks & Happy Days

p/s: the blog still need tweaking here and there... thanks for your patience. i shall continue to work on it and i am much obliged for any help and advise from each and everyone of you. cheers!


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